Board Room Technology Trends

Technology for board rooms is essential to the success of a company, as it allows teams to communicate with one another in a way that closely resembles in-person meetings. It also helps mitigate the difficulties associated with remote and hybrid working by enhancing collaboration and boosting productivity.

Modern conference room technology can include an interactive whiteboard that enables participants to write and draw on their documents and other visuals during video calls, and a digital projector to show presentations. These devices are equipped with a variety of features that are designed to increase meeting efficiency. The Samsung Flip, for example is a flat-panel interactive device that is able to be used via USB or wirelessly. It also comes with data encryption that is built-in to block unauthorised entry. The Cisco Spark Board is another device that can be used to brainstorm sessions and collaborative discussions as well as providing a live overview of the analytics of meetings on the screen.

Other trends in conference room technology include acoustic technologies such as sound masking and noise cancelling. These can help keep discussions and meetings private and Get More Information eliminate distracting background noises. This kind of technology is especially helpful for businesses that host large numbers of virtual meetings.

Wireless presentation systems are also able to increase the productivity of conference rooms. Participants can connect their devices directly to the television or projector without cables or adapters. A scheduling software such as Joan can help reduce meetings that are squatter or overbooked by streamlining the booking process.

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